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CPE shoe cover
Code: R92120
Half whipstitch
Water-resistant booties made from heavyweight and practically impervious compressed polyethylene (CPE) film, excellent for containing moisture and dirt from street shoes. Resistant to chemical corrosion and heavily textured for better grip. Feature offset hole opening.
CPE Shoe Covers are made of a low density CPE film making them liquid impervious and lint-free.
These shoe covers are an economical alternative when a low particulate material is needed to protect against splash.
*Angle high slip on with elastic top
*Elastic band gives secure yet comfort fit ,around the shoe
*Superior with regard to liquid resistance
*Will not run or bleed when exposed to water
Dimensions:15x36cm, 15x41cm, 15x45cm
Weight: 2g, 2.8g, 3.4g, 6.5g, 6.8g, 7.5g/pc

Packing: 10pcs/bundle, 100pcs/polybag, 2000pcs/ctn