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Mission-chasing zero
In today's rapidly changing healthcare and safety industry, providers face unyielding pressure to improve quality, maintain operating margins and lower costs. Reaching these goals requires a relentless focus on making healthcare safer and more productive. At Haixin Protective, that's our mission. And to achieve it, we're partnering with hospitals and safetguard providers to chase zero. Zero errors. Zero waste. Zero lost revenue.
With industry-leading technologies and services and the expertise to integrate them, we move closer to zero each day. Tighter links in the supply chain are driving increased safety, efficiency and integrity, from the manufacturer to the consumers bedside.
Chasing zero. It's making Haixin Protective essential to a safer, more productive future in healthcare and safeguard.
Our promise
Haixin Protective makes healthcare safer and more productive by applying customer-driven innovation and customer-focused execution to deliver the tangible results that matter most to healthcare organizations.
Our vision
To be the premier global healthcare and safeguard products manufacturer.
Our purpose
To make healthcare safer and more productive.
Our promise is built on a tradition of success, performance and innovation. It speaks to the mind, as well as to the heart. It represents not just what we do, but what we believe in, and how we act.
We promise to integrate our broad resources to meet our customers' business needs with insight and action.
We promise to deliver innovative solutions that create greater value for our customers.
We promise to "see it through," partnering with our customers for the long term.

Our commitment

As the leading provider of products, services and technologies supporting the healthcare and safeguard industry, Haixin Protective and our employees take very seriously our commitment to conduct business responsibly and with integrity, and to comply with all applicable legal requirements.